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If you put the work into this activity, your headshots will be an even greater asset to you. 

First, one IMPORTANT thing you MUST learn. 2 or 3 or 4 headshot looks does you no good, if in every picture, you look like your nice, lovely, happy self... only wearing different clothes. The casting director is going to cast you as the same person whether you are wearing a blue shirt or a green one. Let me first say, the nice looking shot that looks like a normal happy person, is definitely a must too... 


When doing multiple headshot looks, you need to be specific for it to help you out. One example is... let's say, the casting director was looking for a bully and a nerdy kid. Casting directors are not always creative. The nice picture of you looking like your nice self (which is also good to have) is most likely not going to get you called in for both or maybe either. BUT, if you also have one where you are dressed specifically to look tough, your hair is done to look more like a "punk" and that facial expression just shows no one can mess with you.... you just make it easier for the casting director to see you as that bully. You may also have a look where your hair is combed over, you may or may not have some glasses on, you have a polo shirt on, and your facial expression says "timid"... you just made it that much easier to get called in for that nerdy kid. Make Sense? 

BUT how do you know what looks you can pull off the easiest and is worth doing a headshot look of? This activity is going to help you out! Use the form below to get a better idea as to what roles you will really go out for and what looks would be the most beneficial for you in your headshots. 

If you are only doing one look at this time, this is still a great activity to do, but not necessary. 

Please download the form below. Ask your friends, family or even nice strangers in public places to fill this out for you. (Make sure you are with your parents if under 18 and being safe PLEASE!) People who don't know you well, will give you an even better idea as to what looks are good for you, as they have no prior preconception of your personality! 

Use the answers to decide which looks you want to do. But bring a list of  all your top choices to your session... sometimes we can pull off a few different characters with each look just by changing facial expressions or taking a vest or jacket off. 

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